The Coach Mike Fabber is a guy who doesn’t know how to sit still. Originally from New York, Mike grew up in a relatively normal family. When his brother, a veteran, committed suicide, it turned Mike’s life upside down. His mother started the Joseph Patrick Fabber Memorial Foundation shortly after, which Mike now runs as a non-profit organization providing services to everyone from toddlers to seniors.

Alongside his non-profit work, Mike also owns a food truck and a landscaping company. He hosts a morning sports talk show and weekly webcast all while being a professional life coach. He is also soon to be an author of a life coach book due to be released in Winter 2017.

In what’s left of his spare time, Mike Fabber is an actual coach. He coaches the men’s basketball team at Wesley College. Sport’s coaching is where the Coach found his inspiration for becoming a motivational speaker. Seeing the impact he had on his team made him want to help others through motivational speaking, one-on-one sessions, and private events.