Feeling stuck? When you need a life pick-me-up, contact the Coach Mike Fabber for a speaking engagement near you or a private individual session.

“Accept adversity, heck embrace it, for this is how we grow. Grow through it into your own greatness!” –The Coach Mike Fabber

The Coach can help with:

  • Reaching your full potential
  • Feeling more connected to your spirituality
  • Feeling satisfied with life
  • Being motivated to make a big change

If you are interested in the Coach Mike Fabber speaking at your school, your business, your event or for just you and some friends, contact the Coach today to schedule an event.


Hear Coach Fabber inspire your entire office to reach their full potential. The Coach will talk about achieving your goals, entrepreneurship, and finding motivation. 


Individuals & Groups

Schedule a private or group session with Coach Fabber to be inspired. Learn personal growth and professional development tips based on the Coach’s own experiences. 



Have Coach Fabber come speak at your school to inspire your sports teams to strive harder and achieve more. Coach Fabber is also an outspoken anti-bullying and suicide prevention advocate.