Any business or organization who could use a motivational speaker would do well to utilize the natural talents of Michael Fabber.  This is a man who combines passion, shared experiences, humor, inspiration and captivating storytelling to engage his audience. 

Mr. Fabber spoke to my students at Delaware Technical Community College in the Fall 2017 semester.  What started as a career-oriented talk progressed into a thrilling, interactive session that left a lasting impression.  The students really responded to Michael’s blend of “real talk” and speaking on their level, along with the uplifting message that many others will deliver, but with no substance.  That is not the case with “Coach” – not only did he provide a roadmap, the students were also treated to entertaining stories of the pitfalls and triumphs that can come their way, with no punches pulled.

“Coach” Michael Fabber is one of the best around when it comes to lighting a spark into a group or individuals.  He lives what he speaks, and delivers heartfelt, emotive messages.  This is an experience worth having and highly encouraged.

Keith C. White
Communications Department
Delaware Technical Community College

I got to sit down with Mike Fabber one night for a coaching session.  I will admit I was skeptical going in.  I didn’t know too much about life coach or really what to expect.  We sat down and just started to talk.  We did some exercises to do with family because that is what is important to me and what I see when I look at them.  I wrote down the exercise and completed the sentence of what mattered to me.  By doing this it made me realize exactly how important and much my family does mean to me. I knew they were important but this exercise has really put it into perspective.   I keep this paper in my wallet and pull it out at least once a week to remind me how passionate I am about my family and why I do what I do to make sure they are taken care of.  During this exercise Mike was very encouraging and guided me to see what was right in front of me and how to appreciate what I have.

We also talked about what I wanted in life and how I felt I could get there.  Weighed pros and cons of a job opportunity that was going to open up that I was thinking about applying for.  Turned out I am in the right position for me, at this time.  I came to this conclusion by looking at the pros and cons that would or would not affect my family life.  Mike eloquently helped me find my own conclusions on this decision.  He did not push or steer me to any one outcome/decision he just showed me how I could do certain activities that would help ME figure out which way to go.

Mike was there to listen and ask the question that would help me make the correct decision for me at this time.   Mike made me feel very comfortable during our session.  This session was very helpful as I pointed out earlier into opening my eyes to what was right in front of me, and helping me appreciate everything I have and the work I have put in to get where I am.  Needless to say all skepticism is gone and this experience has been nothing but helpful and useful in my life.  I would recommend Mike Fabber to anyone that would listen and not hesitate one second.

Patrick Zmuda

Truly inspirational.

A few weeks back, Mike approached us about doing some work in his offices. We had the pleasure of speaking with him during our visit and he couldn’t have made us feel more welcome. He recognized our business and it’s potential, and helped us reveal it to ourselves. Mike does not tell you what you want to hear or push quick thoughts into your head for inspiration. He helps find the untapped potential hiding within you to reach your goals and take that next big step in your life or business. You could say he’s a self-motivational locksmith; When you cant find the key to get through the next door, he’ll find the strength within you to knock it down.

“The Coach” Michael Fabber has definitely earned his title.

Premier Carpet Cleaning Inc.